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Read manhwa I don’t believe in my twin sister on I am viscountess Lorentia Aztec, the richest woman in the world. I have financial power, beauty and even honor. But my life isn’t happy at all. I found that my younger sister – Erusia pretended to be sick. She’s even colluded with my fiancé to steal my whole property. At the moment I was giving it all up in pain, regretting believing in those traitors, I turned back to 11 years before I engaged. I will send them all to hell, both my belief in Ercia and my love for the previous fiancé. “Listen. From now on, there will be no good sister anymore.” Being alone in this world, I swear that I will change my fate. First of all, I will cling to the hero of the empire by a contract. “I’ll solve all the problems that you had to face. Instead, you’re gonna be my fiancé. Grand Duke Verdian.”
The Fish I Missed Was Big but I Caught Another Fish Was Too Big manga, Nigashita Sakana wa Ookikatta ga, Tsuriageta Sakana ga Ookisugita Ken / 逃がした魚は大きかったが 釣り上げた魚が大きすぎた件 , Always a Catch From a very young age, people noticed that Maria, the youngest daughter of a duke, was filled with potential. She was raised as the heiress of her house, until the birth of her baby brother relieves her of her duties. She scrambles to find a husband, but all the eligible bachelors in her duchy are taken! At this rate, she’s doomed to the life of a spinster! Maria decides to study abroad in Rubini in hopes of finding a husband, with the help of her distant relative, Aida. But in a twist of fate, the Crown Prince breaks of his engagement with Maria, even though they’ve never met before! “Huh?! I don’t remember getting engaged!?” Enjoy this fluffy romcom with a late-blooming villainess!
Read manhwa Get a Male Lead for Every Book Hajin was just an ordinary girl who was excited about starting her college life. But her dream is shattered when she gets into a car accident. The next thing she knew, she was Matilda Howard living in a fantasy world! Not only that, but she also realizes she has a secret ability; she can turn people’s memories into a book! Although she never intended to reveal her ability to anyone, she decides to help beloved King Daden, who suffers from insomnia. That is when Hajin finds out about the dark past Daden has been hiding from everyone…
Chloe thinks she’s an outcast because she does not get along with her stepmother or her fiance, Emile. One night, she goes to a masquerade ball, where she witnesses her stepsister Beatrice and her fiance Emile kissing each other! Heartbroken, she is biting back her tears when a mysterious man with a mask appears, hands her a handkerchief, and leaves. Chloe is confused, but this strange encounter is soon forgotten because she is forced to call off her engagement with Emile so that he can marry Beatrice. That is when Chloe receives a marriage proposal from a man known as “The Devil of Blysche”…! Kekkon Aite ga Komyu Sawa Hakushakuda Nante Kiitemasen! / 結婚相手がコミュ障伯爵だなんて聞いてません!
A few years ago, Lihen’s daughter said. “If mother ever lives again, don’t give birth to me.” “What are you talking about all of a sudden?” “You don’t have to give birth to me. Meet someone better than Dad. You said you had a first love. If you live again, confess. Who knows? Maybe it will work out?” The mother and daughter giggled together. Then Lihen Copland woke up. As a nineteen-year-old. Living again didn’t change her life much. But maybe she could make her daughter a little happier. To do so, she would have to marry her husband again. But that resolve soon began to waver. After meeting her first love, Sir Schdermel Raft. 마이 디어 아스터
A girl with a rare bloodline is about to awaken, under the guidance of the tarot, listening to prediction about her name, from her back are sprouting scales and feathers. . . MoTao Bai, The fate that you will choose is white or black?